If you were able to ignore the constant news alerts blowing up your phone this weekend, here is the latest installment of the RPLG newsletter to catch you up.

  • On April 1, Mayor Breed issued an Eighth Supplemental to her emergency declaration.
    • “Section 5 of the Third Supplement to the Emergency Proclamation dated March 17, 2020, is revised and replaced as follows: From March 18, 2020 through May 3, 2020, City policy and advisory bodies shall not hold public meetings, unless the Board of Supervisors, acting by written motion, or the Mayor or the Mayor’s designee directs otherwise, based on a determination that a policy body has an urgent need to take action to ensure public health, safety, or essential government operations. This order applies to all City commissions, boards, and advisory bodies other than the Board of Supervisors and its committees.”
  • Today, Mayor Breed announced CityTestSF, a coronavirus testing site for frontline workers. It is a drive or walk through site located at Pier 30-32 for healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, etc. For more information, click here.
  • Governor Newsom has been very busy. He issued four executive orders recently.
    • On April 2, he issued an order protecting homes and small businesses from water shutoffs due to an inability to pay for water service during the crisis.
    • On April 3, he issued an order to protect consumers from price gouging, limiting price increases on critical items like food and medical supplies.
    • On April 3, he issued an order to expand telehealth services, allowing health care providers to use video chats and virtual applications without risk of penalty.
    • On April 4, he issued an order to provide expanded access to child care for essential workers during the crisis.
  • California launched a website for those who are suffering from job loss to find resources: https://onwardca.org
  • If you want more information on Project Room Key, California’s response to homelessness in light of the crisis, click here.
    • The site connects you to essential life services, such as food and shelter, and provides retraining opportunities and access to job opportunities.
  • The Department of Labor has issued some very important guidance on unemployment programs and resources available.
    • The DOL issues a Unemployment Insurance Program Letter (UIPL) regarding Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), including general provisions, implementation, and operating instructions. Recall, PUA applies to workers who don’t qualify for other unemployment insurance, such as independent contractors and gig workers. For the letter and attachments, click here.
    • They issued a similar UIPL containing guidance on Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC). Under this program, states will administer an additional $600 weekly to certain eligible individuals. To access the letter and attachments, click here.
    • The DOL also announced the availability of $42.5 million in youth apprenticeship grants.
      • “the funds will support training for thousands of underrepresented youth for apprenticeships in new and  non-traditional occupations or expanded apprenticeship programs”
      • For more information and the link to apply, click here.
  • A statement by CSAC announced that counties will use their local authority to cancel penalties or charges for property tax non-payment related to COVID-19.
    • “Counties will use all existing authority to cancel penalties and other charges for homeowners, small  businesses, and other property owners that are unable to pay their property taxes due to  circumstances caused by COVID‐19 on a case‐by‐case basis.”
  • The HHS announced a funding action by the CDC to provide $186 Million to state and local jurisdictions to support the COVID-19 response. This funding will be used for supplies, lab testing, staffing, and data management. For more information, click here.
  • If you have questions about Medicare Coverage during the crisis and new telehealth expansions, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services created a useful 17-minute video to cover the changes, to watch, click here.
  • Sonoma County will be conducting a virtual town hall tomorrow night from 7-8pm.  For options to tune in, click here.

For more information about COVID-19’s impact on California’s political and administrative landscape, visit our coronavirus webpage.

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