• The Department of Labor released a temporary rule governing the application of the FFCRA.  According to the “unofficial draft” published on April 2, the rule went into effect April 1, but will which will not be officially published until April 6th.  The temporary rule, which, incidentally, is 125 pages long, pushes out temporary regulations to implement public health emergency leave, including FMLA and paid sick leave, through December 31, 2020. The rule largely tracks guidance provided in DOL’s previously issued FAQ.  The Temporary Rule is attached.
  • The Department of Labor also issued New Guidance on Unemployment Insurance for states regarding administration of and eligibility criteria for state unemployment insurance programs.
    • This includes Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, which applies to those not usually eligible for UI, like gig economy workers
    • This guidance, referred to as an Unemployment Insurance Program Letter (UIPL), will be the first of many
  • California is taking action to respond to homelessness as it relates to COVID-19
    • Project Room Key: State and local partnership with FEMA
      • Phase I Goal: 15,000 hotel rooms and housing units with occupancy agreements for the sheltering of homeless individuals who fall within 3 categories:
        • Tested positive for COVID-19
        • High exposure risk (ex: an individual who had been sheltered with someone who tested positive)
        • High rick individuals (65 years or older, preexisting health conditions, immunosuppressed, etc.)
      • These will be non-congregate units, 75% funded by FEMA
      • This information came from Governor Newsom’s press conference today.
    • The Project is “state run, county led”
  • Yesterday, Mayor Breed and the Board of Supervisors announced a $10 million fund for relief for small businesses impacted by the pandemic. For more information, click here.
  • The CDC released guidance for law enforcement personnel regarding COVID-19. There’s nothing terribly surprising in it, but if you’d like to take a look, click here.
  • The City and County of San Francisco issued a directive order yesterday regarding Essential Construction, requiring the development of a Site Specific Health and Safety Plan that conforms to Exhibit A of the directive by tomorrow, April 4th.
  • Mayor Breed announced a partnership with nonprofit organizations to provide low income students with internet access to support home learning while schools are closed. To read more, click here.
  • Yesterday, the CDC released guidance for caring for someone who is sick, click here for more information

For more information about COVID-19’s impact on California’s political and administrative landscape, visit our coronavirus webpage.

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