There is a lot of information in today’s newsletter, but the vast majority of it is positive.

  • On March 31st, Mayor Breed issued a seventh supplemental to her emergency proclamation. This supplemental extends the existing paid leave program for City employees to mitigate the financial impacts of the emergency.
  • Today, Mayor Breed and Board President Yee announced the convening of a COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force aimed at creating an economic recovery strategy for San Francisco businesses, organizations, and individuals! They intend to create short, medium, and long term strategy recommendations. To read more, click here. If you have economic recovery ideas you would like to share with the task force, click here or email
  • San Francisco has also launched a citywide volunteer match program to support seniors and people with disabilities. The volunteer network will match volunteers with individuals in need of assistance getting groceries and other essential goods. Click here for more information on the story or here if you are interested in volunteering.
  • Governor Newsom signed an executive order yesterday that allows for the immediate use of funds to support California’s efforts to combat the COVID-19 crisis. The order allows for the use of expenditures from the Disaster Response-Emergency Operations Account for personal protective equipment, medical equipment, etc.
  • Very interesting labor news: Governor Newsom announced an agreement between teachers, classified employees, and school system management to support student instruction during the crisis. The Governor’s office has also partnered with Google to donate Chromebooks and hot spots to help “bridge the digital divide”. For more information, click here, or see the framework for student instruction linked here.
  • Nancy Pelosi is creating a Bipartisan Committee to oversee the coronavirus response! This committee will focus on transparency, oversight, and accountability. Importantly, it will have the power to issue subpoenas!
  • The Democratic National Convention was pushed back due to COVID-19; it is now scheduled for the week of August 17th.
  • If you intend to venture out into the wild (outside of your shelter), the California Department of Public Health released additional guidance on the use of cloth face coverings yesterday. The thesis of the guidance is it won’t hurt, but you should not feel a false sense of security if you cover your face. For more information, click here.
  • If you want quick statistics on COVID-19 by California county, check out this resource from CHHS Open Data. Graph lovers will be satisfied, hypochondriacs will not.

For more information about COVID-19’s impact on California’s political and administrative landscape, visit our coronavirus webpage.

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