Swift Actions taken by the Governor and Legislature Re: COVID – 19 Outbreak Including New One-Stop Website

During a time of certain anxiety and uncertainty, Governor Newsom as well as the California Legislature has taken swift, decisive and bipartisan action in an effort to support Cities, Counties and school districts to combat the growing spread of COVID-19 otherwise known as the Novel Coronavirus. All efforts are aimed at “flattening the curve” of those who will become infected—preserving resources (e.g. medical staff, hospital beds, ventilators etc.) for those Californians at the highest risk levels.

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Dane Hutchings Served as Panelist for San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce’s State of the State

RPPG’s Director, Government Affairs Dane Hutchings brought his expertise in state government and politics to the Central Coast on October 27 at the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce’s annual State of the State. 

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