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Prepared by Dan Carrigg, RPPG Senior Policy and Political Advisor

Senate Bill 9 (Atkins D, San Diego) is one of the most aggressive housing proposals introduced in the 2021 legislative session. As introduced, SB 9 rezones by state statute virtually all parcels within single-family residential zones in California. The bill, when combined with state Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) laws, allows for the creation of up to six, eight or even ten units, and further authorizes urban parcel splits.

RPPG Senior Policy Advisor, Dan Carrigg provides a detailed analysis on this measure—highlighting what this could mean for every City and County in the state.  This analysis not only provides a point-by-point rundown of the bill’s provisions, but also considers other housing measures already enacted—providing a holistic view on the material impacts this legislation would have on municipalities across the state. Carrigg’s expertise in California housing and land use policy is truly unmatched, having spent nearly 30 years as a land use legislative advocate and former Assembly Housing and Community Development Policy Committee Consultant.

As of February 18, SB 9 was triple referred to Senate Housing, Senate Governance and Finance and Senate Environmental Quality committees. However, the referral to Senate Environmental Quality was rescinded due to “limitations placed on committee hearings due to ongoing health and safety risks of the COVID-19 virus.” From a legislative “process” standpoint, this is incredibly important to highlight given that the measure waives certain California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) provisions. In other words, the environmental impacts of SB 9 will not be fully considered, will have no detailed policy analysis prepared by the State and will have no public discussion or engagement from the Environmental Quality Committee.

Click HERE to read RPPG Senior Policy Advisor, Dan Carrigg’s analysis on SB 9.

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Dan Carrigg

Dan Carrigg

Dan Carrigg is a political consultant and thought leader in California housing and land use policy. He has spent nearly 30 years holding various roles in California politics, including five years as a senior consultant for the California State Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee. He was the housing and land use advocate with the League of California Cities and retired with the organization as Deputy Executive and Legislative Director.