Dan Carrigg, former Deputy Executive Director and Legislative Director for the League of California Cities, has joined the Renne Public Policy Group as a Senior Policy Advisor.

“Dan’s unmatched expertise and political acumen in policy areas including housing, land use, revenue, taxation and economic development will provide a true value add to our practice,” said RPPG Director of Government Affairs Dane Hutchings. “I’m excited to once again work alongside Dan, representing local government while advancing the public good.”

Graphic - welcome to Dan Carrigg, senior policy advisorMr. Carrigg brings a wide network of political and professional contacts developed over a distinguished career spanning over 30 years. As the League’s Legislative Director, he advocated for the betterment of California cities, devising and implementing advocacy strategies and tactics and brokering policy agreements that have proved vital to all California cities.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dan throughout the years while he was with the League of Cities, and I was always impressed not just by his deep policy background, but by his wisdom and integrity,” said RPLG Founding Partner Jon Holtzman. “Dan agreeing to join us is an extraordinary opportunity not only for our firm but for our clients. I’m honored to be bringing his experience, wisdom and integrity into the RPLG fold.”

Prior to his time at the League, Mr. Carrigg began his career as an Assembly Fellow and held various roles in California politics that included serving as a senior consultant to the Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development and a legislative representative on public works and real estate, as well as contracting for the state Department of General Services. 

Mr. Carrigg, drawing on his decades of experience in Sacramento, will now lend his expertise to RPPG’s engagements with public agency clients across the state.

 “I really appreciate RPPG’s focus on good public policy,” said Mr. Carrigg. “I’ve always focused on crafting laws that make sense, and I’m looking forward to continuing to advance solutions-based policy at a firm that operates with such a high level of integrity and tenacity.”

 Renne Public Policy Group (RPPG) is a full-service lobbying and consulting practice that strives to advance the interests of public agencies and companies that align with public entities. As a division of Renne Public Law Group (RPLG), RPPG provides clients with full wraparound services informed by a keen understanding of California’s evolving legislative and political landscape.

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